Mission Karmayogi will be a shift from ‘Rules-based’ to ‘Roles-based’ human resource management : Dr Jitendra Singh

Union Cabinet has approved MissionKarmayogi, a national programme for Civil Services Capacity Building; Programme will prescribe and monitor annual capacity building plans for all departments and services

  • Mission Karmayogi to reincarnate a govt servant into an ideal ‘Karmayogi’ to serve the nation, by enabling him to be creative, constructive, proactive and technically empowered.
  • Mission Karmayogi will be a shift from ‘Rules-based’ to ‘Roles-based’ human resource management.
  • Mission Karmayogi, an endeavour to end culture of working in silos and multiplicity of training curriculum, with introduction of common platform for uniform realisation of nation’s vision, shared aspirations and future goals.
  • Earlier it was rule-specific, now it will be role-specific. There is now an institutionalised capacity building. Working of departments in silos is eliminated, training opportunities available for all.
  • It will provide mechanism for continuous capacity building, a constantly updating talent pool, equal opportunity of professional as well as personal growth and esteem of self-training for value addition.

Take a look to know about the six pillars of Mission Karmayogi.

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