Why should I post any objectionable tweet? : Digvijaya Singh

Digvijaya Singh, Congress Leader :

  • Twitter has been blocking my tweets saying it “includes potentially sensitive content” such as these without telling me what is “potentially sensitive content” in my tweets?
  • I need to have the response of Twitter Country Head of India.
  • I am a responsible Indian Citizen who has been elected to MP Assembly 5 times Lok Sabha twice and Rajya Sabha twice. I have been Minister in MP and CM MP for 10 years. Why should I post any objectionable tweet?
  • If saying something against Narendra Modi or Amit Shah you find to be of “sensitive content” then you are being politically biased against me which you have no right to be.
  • I have earlier complained to your Management of your biased attitude against me but without any response.

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