Even after four meetings, China’s PLA is not retreating from its position : Ajay Maken

Congress Party Briefing by Ajaymaken, Senior Spokesperson, AICC, via video conference :

  • There were four meetings between us and the Chinese commander. Even then, China’s PLA is not retreating from its position. This has not happened even after the fourth consecutive meeting.
  • Surprisingly, if we are arriving at no solution through a dialogue, then what is our government doing?
  • We are all watching how the Chinese PLA is building inside the Depsang area and Daulat Beg Oldi area. But we do not see any response or preparation from the Indian government.
  • China has converted a civilian air strip close to our border into a military air strip and this itself is a possible threat to our territory. Our government is not responding to that either.
  • Newspaper reports, satellite images, Army Generals and now the statement of our Defence Minister clearly establishes that China has occupied our territory. So did the Prime Minister mislead the All Party Meeting on the 19th June, 2020?

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